Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Miniature Tutorial

If you are into fruit and vegies miniatures, there are some tutorials on the web for you to start your own miniature project. Angie Scarr is one of the artisan who provide a tutorial in her website.There are Orange Tutorial ,Leek tutorial and Sweetcorn tutorial.
Her first book is Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls. This book is just fabulous. It makes making miniatures so much fun for me. I'm dreaming to have her DVD tutorials too.

(Lia... sorry ini draft sudah aku tulis jauh-jauh hari, cuman belom ke-post setelah vacuum kemaren)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

VAME Annual Show 2007

I met this man in VAME Annual Show 2007, he's so cute yeah... VAME is Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, held on 14 July and 15 July 2007 in Mt Waverly, Victoria. And this will be held around that date every year. You can meet that man with his gang on miniature market in 1:12 inch scale on my photos stream here.

Miniatures: fruits stall