Thursday, September 6, 2007

From The Workshop

from the workshop

This topiary tree and flavoursome garlic string made from the kit, under instruction of miniaturist. Well yeah not from book anymore. I was so excited man... they gave me such a tricky bit you would not find it in the book. Finally I could learn about miniature from someone who got talent and experience. And most of all, the people who came have same interest, MINIATURE !

After finishing two kits I decide to take another kit home. The soft bag. I saw the sample first, It's so damn cute, kawaii... lucu...imut-imut hahahah.... In fact when I was making them at home, confused me. ^_^ First it didn't look like bag, got to put some imagination and sometime I ripped what I've glued and finally here it soft bag. Too mini to carry money.

from the workshop

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Miniature Tutorial

If you are into fruit and vegies miniatures, there are some tutorials on the web for you to start your own miniature project. Angie Scarr is one of the artisan who provide a tutorial in her website.There are Orange Tutorial ,Leek tutorial and Sweetcorn tutorial.
Her first book is Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls. This book is just fabulous. It makes making miniatures so much fun for me. I'm dreaming to have her DVD tutorials too.

(Lia... sorry ini draft sudah aku tulis jauh-jauh hari, cuman belom ke-post setelah vacuum kemaren)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

VAME Annual Show 2007

I met this man in VAME Annual Show 2007, he's so cute yeah... VAME is Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, held on 14 July and 15 July 2007 in Mt Waverly, Victoria. And this will be held around that date every year. You can meet that man with his gang on miniature market in 1:12 inch scale on my photos stream here.

Miniatures: fruits stall

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I painted kitchen wall with green crystal color paint, I'd like to put wallpaper though.
Here's the busy kitchen table with all veggies and prawns made from polymer clay.
Not quite good yet... keep practicing though...
I burnt the pumpkin... Not happy :(

Lounge Room

I've done with the painting in the lounge room, took so long finding the chair rail hiks... nasib...nasib... semua keperluan dollhouse mesti dibeli via online shop. I painted the room with green shade using British Paints sample pot. Rural green and green crystal. Well I should do wiring before the painting began.. the things is hubby wants Cir Kit for wiring... while for me... forget it it's too dear.. but then he insists, and we put Cir Kit on the list... (I don't think I'm gonna buy this, anyway, unless he is the one who will buy). I'm sure there will solution for wiring after the paint, drill on the wall may be (^_^)

working on progress

Next , I need the flooring. Promise, I'll do it in very soon. You know... things are, between busy and lazy.

Monday, July 16, 2007


What is happening with my Georgian dollhouse ??? it's been bashed ! sounds scary? Haha ..not really... It just for the porch, hubby took out the posts (pillars) which are look weird in this dollhouse. And I've been looking for better replacement. Can't find the suitable one. Yeah I'm quite fuzzy when it come to dress up my dollhouse, (my daughter is reading this post now, and she is laughing). The search will take so long since there's no dollhouse shop around here, just online shop. :(

Somehow, hubby "thinks" he's gonna make one for me. You know, thinks, don't know when it's gonna happen (^_^). Even, he wants to replace canopy with wooden fence balcony. We bought the spindles last week .

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Polymer Clay

Buat yang lagi nyari-nyari info tentang polymer clay, semoga bisa membantu....

Polymer clay adalah clay buatan manusia yang terbuat dari synthetic polymer ( polyvinyl chloride/PVC). didalamnya terkandung cairan pengenyal (liquid plasticiser ) untuk membuatnya tetap kenyal.

Berbeda dengan clay tanah yang harus dibakar dengan api ataupun paper clay (air dry clay) yang mesti diangin-angin , polymer clay harus di oven untuk mengikat chemicalnya sehingga menjadi keras. Biasanya dengan panas rendah tergantung merknya.

Yang unik lagi polymer clay gak hanya punya warna-warna merah ijo kuning biru tapi juga silver, granite, glow in the dark, juga translucent, yang cair juga ada lho..

Ada beberapa merk yang ngetop diantaranya Fimo, Sculpey, dan Premo. Ada juga merk Kato Polyclay, dengan harga yang sama ama clay yang dah aku sebut tadi, tapi dapetnya 29 gr lebih banyak. Merk laen, Ozzle buatan Australia.. , tapi aku belom pernah pakek. kak..kakk..

Selaen aman buat anak-anak, clay ini sangat mudah dibentuk .. miniature buah-buahan, bakery, daging, ikan... gantungan kunci, magnet fridge... tokoh cartoon, hiasan rumah, kartu ucapan...jewellery, bahkan bisa dibikin animasi, tentunya dengan melibatkan benda yang ada didepan kita ini (baca:computer)... ya lah... tergantung imaginasi lha...

Dimana belinya ? Untuk di Australia bisa dibeli di toko-toko craft. Di Riot Art and Craft ada juga tuh, klo Lincraft aku gak yakin. Di Melbourne aku beli di craft shop di daerah Chapel Street Prahran selaen itu ada juga yang online di Over the rainbow (Melboune),Clay Princess (Sydney)

Sekarang tinggal nentuin project apa yang mo dibikin ???

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Sorry for the gap in posting this mini blog.... After the loss of my dad I need some time for my self, sending him a prayer that's all I can do...

Thanks for checking in every now and then!
Will post another mini in very soon...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I Need Is A Bowl Of Soup, Please..

Back to winter 2005, all those bread I made to fill up my dollhouse kitchen. I guess the maid was preparing dinner for lotsa guests.

I know what you think ... yeah I'm digging my old stuff here.. I'm happy that I can spare my time to see my old minis and "play" with. Is there any rule that 35 yo mum can't play dollhouse and the stuff?

Monday, May 14, 2007

My First Dollhouse

I have this dollhouse from long time ago... a gift from my husband. We opened ... then put back on the box. It's not that I did NOT appreciate him. It just I'am a full time mum of 2 daughters. And one of my daughters has terrible sick. I haven't ready to share attention to my dollhouse yet

The dollhouse keeps flat pack in its box.
Until last month.. My husband set the dollhouse in our lounge room. Hooray.....

I’ll show you around what is inside next time… basically I’ve done nothing for the interior. I’ll update the progress in this blog

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can

When I'm baking for my family's tea time, I baked some for my (future) dollhouse too.... :)
I made that sliced orange on the cake above with caning technique. First-timer.
I have no guru to ask for, I'm not sure that the size is correct. Later I bought that fruity cake below to check wheter the size of slice is too big for 1" scale-cake , bought it from ebay. Well the size is slightly bigger and should be baked first before put together on the cake. New lesson for me I guess... Besides, I haven't have my own dollhouse at that time yet. ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How it started ...

One day we walked along the Sunday market, I was stunned with a miniature clay spring flowers on the pot. It's so tiny and cute that I can't stop staring at them. We bought about a dozen of them.. still not satisfied ... I looked for how those things were made. That's when the first time I knew about polymer clay or FIMO. And this is my first flower on the pot that I made out of fimo. It was about 5 years ago. Can you see the little dent there? That’s from the curious little fingers that always knows where I hide my little stuff. :)